April 3

Planting Guide


Planting Guide

As gentle autumn rains fall, our gardens are growing right before our eyes. The delight and solace they bring belie the tragedy unfurling at large. How much can happen in one year? It remains to be seen. 

For now Gardening Girls and our suppliers continue trading. We’re all avoiding crowded places, keeping a safe distance from clients and each other. Working outdoors is simply the best.  

This garden belongs to a dear client. Over a three year period, we’ve removed two semi tailers of green waste, planted and spread 45 cubic meters of arborist chips. Over time, applying 60 bags of manure, 4 bags of plant booster and 1kg of fairy dust has worked the magic. The soil is beautiful and the garden healthy. 

Right now is the perfect time for planting

I’ve written an Autumn Planting Guide which you can download here, it shows my beautiful garden soil, transformed by manure, rock minerals, mulch and of course… microbes. 

For many of us the Easter holiday will be a welcome break from a stressful start to the year. May you rest, enjoy your gardens and we’ll be there to assist for the duration, regulations permitting. 

Stay well and safe


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