Light, air, water and healthy soil are the four pillars of a healthy garden. To achieve healthy soil Gardening Girls Canberra uses natural soil improvers that build humus and feeds the soil microbes. Worms, arthropods, mycelium, and bacteria are the true soil magicians. The role of gardeners is to take care of them, so they can feed and protect the plants. 

The products used by Gardening Girls Canberra can be used on any plant in any garden. They are the same products used in regenerative agriculture, transforming degraded Australian dirt into living soils, growing disease resistant plants and nutrient dense food. 

The Products Gardening Girls Use and Recommend

Nutri-tech Solutions - Life Force Gold Pellets

 A nutrient-rich fertiliser and soil conditioner with diverse and active microbes, covering every aspect of plant and soil nutrition. 

  • A total fertiliser involving over 20 components
  • A living fertiliser where organic acids and microbes have complexed the component minerals and nutrients
  • Organic carbon and minerals
  • For soil regeneration, home garden, fruit trees, broad acre, and winter cereals

Landtasia Compost

Gardening Girls Canberra uses Landtasia in preference to commercial manures. Most bags we open come with live worms. Did you know worm castings are 20% richer in nitrogen than cow manure? We use Landtasia when planting, and plant rescue. Though more expensive than manure, half the amount is required. 

Landtasia is demonstrating how Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) can be used to make high quality, hummus rich compost suitable for soil amendment and organic food production.  

It take 6 months to reach maturity, and each batch is independently tested

Nutri-tech Solutions - Activated Char Condensate (ACC)

Wood Vinegar is the smoke condensate collected during the manufacture of Biochar. It contains a vast array of bioactive compounds, including acetic acid. 

Benefits of this phytochemical concentrate includes enhanced pest resistance, growth promotion, soil life stimulation. 

Neutrog - Seamungus

A soil and plant conditioner combining composted seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. Seaweed is recognised for its ability to hold 70% of its weight in water. We use this soil improver in conjunction with Life-Force Gold and Landtasia Compost to build humus content in deficient soils. 


Fairydust is a mix of Humic Acid, a small quantity fo Fulvic Acid and three species of Kelp in a concentrated freight-friendly soluble powder. Regular applications combined with mulching will promote healthier soil and plants. Fairydust dissolves easily and can be used as a follar spray or applied directly to roots.

The products used by Gardening Girls Canberra are now all stocked at Bellchambers Produce, Fyshwick, including Fairydust. Drop in for the full immersion experience of a country produce store, or have products delivered at a reasonable rate.

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